Upcoming Events

This page demonstrates using the responsive detailed list of events shortcode to display upcoming events. This page also has a mini-calendar widget on it. You can click on a date in the mini-calendar to see what’s happening on that date.


July 6, 2022 Wed 8:00 am

Colorado Kennel Club Dog Show - NW Events Center, Denver, CO 80216

Dog Days of Denver and the Colorado Kennel Club Dog Show Public Welcome.


July 6, 2022 Wed 3:00 pm

Children's Hour - 1st Bank Center, 11450 Broomfield Lane, Broomfield CO 80021

Classroom 2
Kitchen B

tHIS IS the rich text editor. And now I'm adding some text here.


September 1, 2022 Thu 5:30 pm



September 5, 2022

Labor Day